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Brys Group is one of the leading real estate developing companies in real estate

Brys Group is one of the leading real estate developing companies in real estate developing market of India. This group is being lead by Mr. Rahul Gaur, who led Gaursons and took that on the reputed place in real estate developing market of India. The main credo of Mr. Rahul is “Never Stop challenging you” and this gives an extraordinary confidence to the employees of the group. This group is full of the innovative and curios employees who have curiosity of developing world class project. All of the employees are focusing on the future and also targeting the need and choice of the people.
Brys Group has developed many of the projects in short while and in this short while this group has been able to make a place in the heart of the people as well as the investors of real estate. Brys Buzz is the fully furnished project of this group which has been handed over to the customers. This project has shown the capability and capacity of developing world class infrastructure. All of the promises which this developing company has made at the time of deal of apartments have been well fulfilled. Some of other projects of this group which is running are Brys Caves, Brys Big. These projects are also showing the innovative ideas of this group and also assuring you that you are going to get world class residence and commercial projects. Brys Group always aims its one quality that is on time delivery. This quality makes the difference that everyone attracts towards this group. These days Brys Group id developing mixed use project in Greater Noida by the name of Brys City.

Brys City is more than a city, offers you residential and commercial spaces with world class facilities and amenities. All of the facilities which are required these days to live luxuries life have been planted here. All of the amenities which are required for residential and commercial area have been well planted here to give you easier life style. One of the excellent features of Brys City is its location which is having great accessibility and well connected to all major parts of city and also connected to all nearby cities. This location is well surrounded by the reputed residential areas of Greater Noida like Delta 1 & 2 and Eta1. Noida Greater Noida link road is also there which connects this location to Noida and Greater Noida.
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Brys City is best for Invest in Noida

Brys Group is one of the most reputed names in real estate developing companies in India. it has not been many years of its origin but in a short while this group has earned good name and fame in India in real estate market. This group is being led by Mr. Rahul Gaur who took Gaursons on top rank in the real estate developing companies. This man has his own credo of life “Never Stop Challenging Yourself”. This credo always plays a pivotal role in the enthusiasm of the employees and they produce great result. All of the employees of this group are well focused towards betterment of future and dedicated to give you your own residences of fancy. Many of the projects have been successfully developed by this group and on many of the projects this group is working. Brys Group is the most reputed and famed residential project which has been successfully developed and handed over to the buyers. The quality and innovative ideas of this group has been proved by this project which is producing great satisfactory in the heart of the people and also showing that how far this group can go to provide you original comfort of life. All of the people are satisfied with its service and quality of construction. There is a great specialty of this group and that is its on time delivery, this group has handed over its Brys Buzz on time that has been given on the time of deal.  These days this group is developing a mixed use project in Greater Noida Knowledge Park IV in the name of Brys City.

This is the most innovative and unique mixed use project in Knowledge Park. This project is more than cities for whom who want to live in city. The most attractive objet of this group is its easily accessible location. This location is located just beside Noida- Greater Noida Link Road that provides easily accessibility to Noida and Greater Noida from this location. All of the major parts of the city are well connected to this location through roads and in some times metro is going to provide well accessibility to this location. Brys City Greater Noida knowledge Park IV is offering you space for commercial and retail use, IT offices, and residence. All of the areas of the project are full of greenery and modern equipments that gives you excellent life style in between nature and modern technology of comfort.

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A Beginners Guide for Real Estate Investing Work

With the current state of the property market maybe you've been wondering how does real estate investing work. Perhaps you want to know if you can still make money in real estate and how. Does real estate investing work in any type of economic climate is another often asked question.
To answer these questions we need to think of real estate in the same way we would any other form of investing. The answer to the question "How does real estate investing work?" is simply by buying low and selling high or at least higher. And of course that's possible in any market.
If you look around you area now you will see plenty of property both commercial and residential just sitting there waiting for someone to come and along and pick it up for pennies on the dollar. Why, because there are very few people who want to invest in real estate at this point in time. But for the savvy investor this is like finding gold bars lying on the ground.
Simply by doing some very careful things, like checking, you can find decent properties that are available far more cheaply than they were a couple of years ago. Once you are sure that they represent value for money you can go ahead and purchase them now and sit back to wait for the property market to pick up again. You could even consider letting them out to rent in the mean time.
Now what does that sound like to you? It sounds exactly the same as the stock market doesn't it? If you're investing in stocks you find value in the companies you want to buy shares in and wait for the rest of the market to see what you have seen.
Any form of real estate investing at any time works on exactly the same principle whether you choose commercial properties buy to let homes or even mobile home parks. You are trying to find something which will appreciate in value over a period of time once fellow investors decide they want what you have got. Obviously you have to make sure you have done all your checks very thoroughly to avoid buying a lemon but that's the same in any investment.
So how does real estate investing work? You now know that it works just like any other type of investing by finding hidden value!

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Real Estate Expectations from Budget 2014

Real Estate Expectations from Budget 2014 by New Government: Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates Ltd.
The political stability is reviving sentiments among buyers and corporate & indicating towards the immense opportunities offered by the Indian market. To maintain the positive sentiment & to make it an interesting proposition for buyers, investors and developers; government must take necessary and long pending steps to give the required boost to sector to start the momentum towards growth and its consequent multiplier effect on economy.

Some of the important expectations of the industry from the government are as under:
1. Increase in limit on interest deduction under section 24 from Rs.150000=00 to Rs.300000=00 to account for the increased rate of interest and inflation.
2. Grant subsidy on interest on loans upto 25 lacs with maximum value of unit being 40 lacs.
3. Single Window Clearance system with immediate implementation of master clearance for height from AAI.
4. Ceiling on applicability of Environmental clearance to increase from current limit.
5. Reintroduction of section 80IB to promote affordable housing to enable government to achieve its target of housing for all by 2022.
6. Take on steps to reduce interest rates to moderate levels of 8-9%
7. Infrastructure status for affordable housing projects, key benefits of which will include ability of insurance companies and other long term loans providers to lend to affordable housing projects and also make investment in the sector.
8. Government to allocate more funds from Skill Development Fund for construction workers and allied skills. Skills deficit is a big challenge for the industry today.
9. Allocate more resources towards development of Housing.
In addition to the above steps, government must define its long term outlook towards the real estate sector in terms of policymaking, taxation and incentives for the sector.
The practical problems in the Land Acquisition act must be addressed and Real Estate Regulatory bill must be introduced with requisite changes to make the industry more transparent and accountable along with making the approving authorities accountable for delays.
SG Estates is developing number of Group Housing Projects in Vasundhara, Raj Nagar Extn. and Govindpuram in Delhi NCR. Company has ready to move/nearing possession units/ apartments in SG Indigo Tower, SG Impressions Plus in Raj Nagar Extn., SG Homes in Vasundhara and under construction apartments in SG Grand in Raj Nagar Extn., SG Benefit in Govindpuram.
New Group Housing SG Oasis is launched in Vasundhara. Construction of SG Oasis is expected to commence soon.

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Noida Property at a Glance

A few years back some people heard the name of Noida. It was created by a vision to make it an industrial city of Uttar Pradesh and given a name derived from another industrial place. Noida is named over Okhla in Delhi which is industrial place.
In a year or two Noida is emerged as an industrial hub. Each and every national or international could find Noida rare companies are their which do not have its branch over here. But in future those will be in Noida sooner or later.
Residence at Noida is a solution of daily long travelling for large number of people. Living in Noida makes person reach on time. It also eradicates the panic that was faced before. Various complexes, building, villa are constructed for various section of society.
Health services available in Noida are of world class, hospitals with high-tech equipments and staff. Emergency facility is just a call away. It has a huge impact over the residential location in Noida as they all tries to buy a home near to some hospital.
No one can feel unknown here. People from all community could find here. Huge migration in Noida increases property rates. Community centers are available at booking for conducting parties; functions etc. cabs facility is also available on a call.
Various transportation facilities are available from bus to newly introduced metro. Metro is connecting various parts of Noida and it is also fastest mean of transportation. If you owe a car is not a problem as roads are broad and well constructed.

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Reasons To Buy Property in Noida

India has risen to be among the top 20 countries, where real estate sector has grown fastidiously in the past few years. Many businessmen and even international firms have shown interest recently for investing in the real estate sector here. Major cities which have enjoyed this growth are Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Among these cities, Noida is the one which has actually portrayed the real benefits of real estate development. Here are a few reasons why one should choose Noida when deciding to buy property, especially residential property.

Better and affordable houses
Unlike Delhi and other major cities, houses in Noida are newly constructed and can be bought at affordable prices. Projects like Lotus greens City Noida offer 2/3/4 BHK at reasonable prices and deliver the promised amenities as well. After all, the builders associated with these projects Lotus Greens Sports City Noida have their reputations to maintain. The presence of many dominant builders has added glamour to the real estate sector in Noida.

Rising Apartments
Residential projects in Noida have more of apartments rather than flats. Pertaining to the present Indian generation, these apartments are much in demand nowadays. The reason for people preferring apartments over flats is that apartments are relatively safe, secure, comfortable, and offer many facilities as well. In fact, projects like Lotus Greens Sports City Sector 79 provide modern amenities such as power back ups, swimming pools, playschools, well-maintained security services, etc.

Investment project
In addition to commercial projects, many residential projects are being constructed, as the demand for investment projects has grown in Noida. People are rushing to invest in residential ventures like Lotus greens City Noida due to tremendous recent growth in the infrastructure facilities of Noida. As per experts, the expected escalation in foreign direct investment in housing as well as commercial plans in Noida is surely going to be icing on the cake. This development may very well lead to rise in prices in the coming days. Thus, it is always advisable to buy property now in Noida, rather than regretting later.

Unlike other cities, where space is a major constraint for housing plans, Noida benefits from the fact that there is ample of space available in the city for new housing and commercial ventures. Lotus greens Sports City is a perfect portrayal of useful use of this available space. Apartments constructed in the middle of greenery are sure to attract anyone, be it for investment purpose or living purpose.

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A Spotlight on The Key Features

With the investment strategies in IT and ITES add in the growth of Noida, has been significant growth of the people in the city. Consequently, with the quick growth of property market, Noida residential property demand has also increased quickly. The improving need for services has created a suitable price admiration, making the city of Noida perfect for residence project.

The camber of augmentation in property investment in Noida is perchance the steepest. In fact, in latest years the need for property in Noida has enhanced to the level that real estate developers of Delhi NCR area are rather has to focus its skills in creating high-class areas all over city.

Over the years Noida has also emerged as a commercial hub and has become a great destination for investment in commercial property. Due to the numerous moves along, the value of commercial property in Noida has improved significantly, so much so that the city has actually gained the identification of a super contemporary city with a propitious upcoming.

Noida, during the last few years, has substantiated significant growth in its infrastructural features with the base of several large retail store and service sites, production sectors, IT company recreational areas & BPO organizations, and many other company as well as organizations. So all in all, Noida, which was previously a residential area, has now expanded as commercial residence location too and it has also been noticed that the professional growth in Noida is developing in incorporated city-ships rather than separated locations.

Rise in the demand of commercial property has obviously given a hike in the demand of residential one. All the available and upcoming residential property in the city is equipped with latest and modern infrastructure. This is usually in the form of buildings and plots, luxurious rental, apartments, and flats. The demand is basically high in sector 18, 20, 25, 27, 35, 37, and sec 71 of Noida.

The process of booking and purchasing property in Noida gets easy by having a glimpse over the noida master plan that helps an individual to know about the available property along with its prices online. It can be purchase from anywhere provided the presence of Internet and knowledge about the whole procedure. The demand has been also observed in the areas like greater Noida that also comes in the vicinity of the city. There are several points that should be measured before taking decision to buy the property in this city which is infrastructure, economic stability, and political stability.

The real estate developers serving Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon are also adding Noida in their list. They have also developed many sky touching buildings which are eye appealing and appreciable. Apart from this they are focussing on homes, commercial offices, residential real estate, and retail spaces such as hotels and restaurants, theatres, shops, industrial buildings like as government buildings & factories.

Noida to be near the provincial capital New Delhi and a key project, the city has become the hot spot and perfect destination for NRIs. The foreign direct investment in the upcoming years is estimated at 30,000 crores. Non-resident Indians favour to buy luxury residential property and also likes to invest in commercial property.

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Invest In Property In Noida

Real estate scenario in Noida is looking up in the recent years. It offers living options which are affordable and a good choice for investors. As it offers a variety of choices to investors it is becoming one of the sought-after property destinations. With boom in the real estate market buyers are investing their hard-earned money in these properties. Property prices in Noida attract a large number of buyers. Buyers can get exclusive property deals which fit their budget. Without compromising on facilities and features, you can strike a good deal when you choose to buy property in Noida.

Buying property in Noida
When you make a property decision it is important that you are well-informed. If you invest in property in Noida you will gain from the growth and prosperity which is taking place there. Noida has become a popular property destination today both on the commercial and residential side. Noida has good infrastructure and is well connected with roads and metro. High-rise buildings, multiplexes and great hotels have become a part of Noida today. Investors from all section of the society are investing in Noida today. As property prices in Delhi and Gurgaon escalate investing in Noida has become a smart choice.

A good investment decision
Noida has got a new face today with commercial and residential buildings which have come up in a big way. Compared to other property prices in this industrial township are lower. You can choose from a diverse range of properties which cater to your requirement. Most of the residential properties are strategically located. They are located within close range of shopping malls, arcades schools and banks. The manner in which Noida's real estate market is taking shape very soon it will be at par with Delhi's market. The property prices in Noida appreciate by 30% which earns large capital returns for investors.

Popular choice of investors
The demand for commercial and residential property in Noida is fast rising because of its well connectivity to Delhi. It offers world-class infrastructural facility to the investors. Realtors predict that the job opportunities, migrations and investment tools will double in the years to come. Reputed developers have launched their projects in Noida. The list includes renowned realty players like Superttech, Amrapali and Mahagun. With the improvement in infrastructural facilities and connectivity Noida is catching the attention of investors across the globe. The planned city has generated large interest in the investor community. Close proximity of Noida to the capital has led to growth and prosperity.

Checking plans and layout
In the real estate scenario in NCR Noida holds a special position. It offers world class infrastructure at affordable rates. When you plan to buy property in Noida take into account the project plan. It is important that you examine the plan carefully. Examine the layout, design and amenities which are offered. It is important that you check the infrastructure. Most residential properties in Noida offer round the clock water and electricity supply. The drainage system for sewage water is good. When you buy a property it is important that you are smart and well-informed.

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Property in Noida Extension

Noida, one of the most modern cities in India is growing by leap & bounds in every feature. Tenderly called as the Noida extension, Noida is now a major real estate giant. With the increase in settlements in the city, both profitable & residential sectors are prospering healthy. Flats, villas, houses, Bungalows, Apartments and Penthouses are required after in big numbers as a good investment option.

Noida First and foremost if you have strong-minded to buy a Property in Extension for any cause at all, let me praise you for having made the best investments choice of your life.

There is good reason why Property in Noida Extension is proving to be a huge success. State of the talent communications, all amenities in close identify, Properties in prime locations has all added up to the value of properties in Noida Extension.

To start off with let's look at the climate. Noida has a pleasurable climate all through the year. Although the hotness seems to have enlarged to some extent, it's still cooler compared to the neighboring Delhi and Gurgaon. Hence if you like sensible pleasant comfortable climate all through the year, you must make your mind up down here, buy and Property in Noida Extension or you could also buy a villa, Apartments, and Studio apartments for a relaxed average of living.

Another reason why invest Property is protected is because of its rising transportation and boost in job opportunities due to the variety of MNCs and National Company Noida is increasing in actuality quick. The real estate situation is also on the boom.

People come to Noida not only for the jobs but also for better learning. Noida boasts of a world class teaching communications with a National Istitute and colossal number of engineering colleges, medical institutes, business schools, job training courses etc. If you buy a Property no matter in which area you can be sure that it is safe. Noida police are excited watchful and leave no stone unturned to promise its citizen safety and peace of mind.

Due to this the Property in Noida Extension is not only flowering due to independent housing properties but also office and commercial spaces. In conditions of shopper goods also Noida is home to a lot of big global brands.

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Property in Noida Becomes a Classic Deal

Property buying trends in North India are focused on Noida, Greater Noida and Noida extension. This is because this singular location is engulfing some of the biggest markets of the region like Agra, Meerut, Aligarh, and Mathura etc. There is no doubt in the fact that assets in NCR are of golden value as the appreciation is on the way. Therefore buying property this way around will be quite beneficial for buyer's and investor's account.

Residential land
Noida and Noida extension also known as greater Noida (west) are seeing the upcoming of many residential projects. From affordable to luxury ones, this area is catering to the need for all types of buyers sections including the middle class ones. Moreover young buyers who are seeing to settle up in this area because of the proximity to their office like this region where a luxury range of residential flats in Noida is available at reasonable prices. Due to heavy competition amongst the builders, each developer is trying in its own ways of luring the buyers through freebies and discount offers. Other than this, to attract buyers and investors, convenient and flexible payment plans are being devised. This is making them more positive about property buying especially in new residential projects in Noida where possession is reserved for a year or so.

Commercial land
Since commercial is a wide term, this category includes office space, retail spaces as well as industrial plots. For administrative centre type space, builders are coming up with the concept of studio apartments in Noida where they are designed as premium offices equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. Entertainment zones which are finding their way out in every mass size township, large condominiums are being planned up for retail shops. These spaces are being preferred by not only the domestic brands but also by international brands who are finding their way out in Indian Market which have vibrancy, demand and growth.

Other than this, Noida and Greater Noida are some of the strategic locations of NCR where some of the main hubs are quite well connected to this location. Whether its residential apartments or commercial property, the prices are going to be revised as circle rates will be appreciated soon by the authority due to increased compensation to the farmers. So if you are looking for greater benefits make sure that you made this investment just now as sooner is the better are the theory of buying property in NCR.
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Brys City Noida

 Brys City is the newest launched commercial project by Brys Group. Knowledge Park IV Greater Noida the location of the project is strategically located in the heart of Greater Noida which is surrounded by the major residential and commercial areas of the city. Delta one and two are having close vicinity to the project as well as Jaitpur and Eta 1 also. All of the major parts of the city as well as other nearby cities are well connected to this location by roads. Noida city Center metro station is only 30 min drive far from here and transport facilities are also available on these roads for 24*7. The proposal of DMRC has been cleared by UP government in Greater Noida area. So in future this location will be well connected to all parts of NCR.  This area is one of the most demanding areas in NCR which is full of residential and commercial projects. This area has numerous qualities which attract the people from each and every corner in Delhi NCR. Greater Noida Knowledge Park IV is running parallel to fully developed Noida sectors. There are already many schools colleges and hospitals in this area.

Brys City is offering its customers IT, commercial spaces and retail spaces, villas and studio apartments. These spaces are well surrounded by greenery and world class facilities and amenities. One of the most reputed architecture of the world has designed this project that each of the things which a commercial and residential space offering project need will be available next to the door. Brys City has been given the most beautiful architectural view that gives you well peace of mind. All of the essential objects of modern day’s people have been planted here like courts of indoor games, grand entrance gate, CCTV secured gate, individual parking space and swimming pool etc. These facilities and amenities insure you to spend quality time with your family, friend and loved ones.

Brys group, a reputed name in real estate market of India, is developing Brys City Noida. This group is famous for its world class innovative projects. Brys Buzz was the last project which this group delivered, that shows the creativity and will power of this group. Future focused employees and their will power has taken this name in best real estate developing companies. These employees have proved that the will power can take you on the top position and can make the world know about you and your group.

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Real Estate Noida

While Delhi seems over-imbued with homes and Gurgaon too excessive to buy, the residence in Noida comes as an enjoyable respite to the real estate customers. Noida experienced a recession in new releases in the first one fourth of 2013 but, compared with Gurgaon, the requirement stayed stable. Noida is the most cost-effective town among Tier I cities; let us see the top 5 factors of purchasing Residential Property in Noida or commercial property in Noida:
Outstanding Infrastructure: The town has the prospective to become the next-big-thing on the globe of residence, thanks to its excellent facilities. Accessibility to area for development creates it position above other metropolitans like Delhi and Mumbai, the places where conceptualizing a horizontally development has become only a remote desire. Property in Noida, actually, is going great guns due to the opportunity it has for new designs.
Existence of Big Players: Some of the top-class designers are seeking Noida for their new launchings, and most of these tasks provide avant-garde way of life and all the mod drawbacks. Developers like Emaar MGF, Unitech, and Ansals have already sailed some of their famous tasks in Noida and Greater Noida.
Quick Convenience of Forgery Cases: As per new rules, all the situations relevant to area and residence forgery shall now be under the authority of the Postage stamps Division. Previously, these were under court's authority and the issues would take decades to negotiate down. But now, the complainants can anticipate quicker disposal of situations.
Better connectivity: The Real Estate Noida is going to get much-needed connection to close by places, in the several weeks to come. While it is already linked with the investment Delhi, via city, the strategy to improve the same to Greater Noida is also into concern. Once that gets applied, the commutation between Noida and Greater Noida would become far too simpler. It will preserve plenty of duration of individuals on one side and decongest the visitors on the other.
Relatively Affordable Market: At time when residence prices in Delhi and Mumbai are sky-high, the costs are relatively smaller in Noida. Though the costs here too have gone through admiration it the first one fourth of 2013, they are still reduced than their aggressive marketplaces. The dropping value of rupee against money has created several designers come up with reduced price features and free stuff.
So, the town is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for homes at affordable prices.

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Real Estate: Evergreen Market

Real estate industry is an evergreen industry. It will be worth to state that it plays a major role in the contribution of global economy. Real estate can be defined as property consisting of land and buildings on it.

With advancement and commercialization, property industry continues to grow at astonishing rates. The industry contributes to 6.3 percent to India's GDP. Also it is known to be the second largest employer in India first one being the agriculture.

Real Estate Trends are following the larger economic picture: the mortgage crisis has so caused lots of turmoil and scars that have created a result with high state, low client disbursal, line of credit weigh down and weak housing markets.

There are four sub-sectors of the Indian land trade - housing, retail, commercial and hospitality. The construction industry has seen nice demand over the last decade. It's been a market that has seen deficit in provide systematically. However, that's dynamical currently the recent markets of Gurgaon and Noida in NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Indore and a few different places are quite stagnating. Costs don't seem to be appreciating as they need to reach virtually tipping purpose. The rent yield of Indian land is at a pair of 2.7% compared to four 4.7% in US and 4.5% in Japan. This shows that the Indian land was overvalued. Currently the market is moving far away from being speculative and costs have gotten a lot of real.

The large range of householders, who have lost their house in proceedings, don't seem to be about to get another property within the close to future, owing to the impact of the proceedings on their credit (banks won't even think about a mortgage for a recipient for four years, if he/she had a proceedings, three years for government agency loans,) thus there's a brand new population of renters.

Real estate fund is another great option for the investors. It is usually beneficial for the small investors. It gives them the opportunity to participate in the returns from the large scale commercial property Company's like corporate offices and commercial buildings.

Investing in a property seems to be herculean task these days. Buying and selling of land requires broad knowledge about property business. Most of the time common man is not aware about the current trends in the market. Therefore they end up in hiring property agents to make their task easier.

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Brys City by Brys Group

BRYS GROUP is Coming soon with Independent IT Plots Unit Size: 107 Sq.Mtr. with Construction area of 1800 Sq.Ft. (Ground floor, First, Second floor). BRYS CITY, 130 mtr wide road at Knowledge Park-V Greater Noida.
BRYS GROUP is Coming soon with Independent IT Plots Unit Size: 107 Sq.Mtr. with Construction area of 1800 Sq.Ft. (Ground floor, First, Second floor). BRYS CITY, 130 mtr wide road at Knowledge Park-V Greater Noida.

BRYS CITY offers Villas, Studio Apartments, IT Office space and Commercial space with all the modern features and amenities with Water Park and Swings by Dubai based company. The project is spread over 40 acres of land having world class and would be constructed by highly qualified manpower to provide you latest style living spaces in Greater Noida.
No city can get better, bolder and better than this. BRYS CITY, as the name implies is a macrocosm. Situated in the upcoming and in the upscale part of Greater Noida (West) it offers an array of habitat, business, commercial, sports and entertainment hubs. In here home and workpalce are literally 2-minuts walk away. Designed by an internationally acclaimed architectural firm BRYS BIGG combines aestheticism with expectations to come up with space that will be the hallmark of enriched lifestyle.

Project Details:
Plot Size: 107 Sq.Mtr.
Price: Rs. 33000/- per Sq.Mtr
Payment plan:
10% @ the time of Booking
30% within 30 days of Booking
Remaining 60% within one year
Preferential location charges (PLC)
Park Facing 200/- per sq. ft.
Corner 500/- per sq. ft.
Note: PLC will be added in the basic cost of the Business House
Additional charges one time
Lease Rent 95/- per sq. ft.
Interest free maintenance Security & Capital Replacement Fund 50/- per sq. ft.
Club Membership 2, 00,000/- Optional
Location Advantage:
On 130 meter wide main road connect with Eastern Peripheral Highway
Nearby NH 24
07 mins drive from Gaur Gol Chakkar
Metro Station in vicinity
Located in the largest Knowledge Park V spread over 1500 Acre(approved for MLU).
Proposed Heliport in close vicinity.
Adjacent to the Sports Complex and Community Centre.
Direct connect with F1, India's first Night Safari and the Cricket Stadium.
10 Kms. from Noida City Centre.
1 Km from the last metro station to Greater Noida West.
1 Km from 130m link road to Gaur Chowk (Start of Greater Noida West).
200 meters away from 100 Acres of Green Belt developed in the form of a park.
In close vicinity to reputed MNC's like GM, TCS, Yamaha, LG, MINDA and WIPRO etc

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Casa Greens

Casa Greens is the ultimate lure for people in need of affordable homes in Noida. This new residential project is presented by Radhey Krishna Techno Builders in Noida Extension. Casa Greens 1 has been conceptualized to create living in the lap of nature. This green community in Noida Extension will offer 2/3 BHK apartments that are planned to match with each dimension of comfort. These are the modern day homes that perfectly cater to the standards that the present day buyers refer to. For this, the renowned architect Hafeez Contractor is associated to the project, who will impart perfect shape to Casa Greens. This is going to reflect well through the infrastructure of this residential project, which is ideal to be opted for both end users and investors.

For the people in search of affordable projects, Noida Extension holds plenty of options. Though one has to take care of a lot of factors while buying homes, projects like Casa Greens seem suitable for the home buyers. For this, existence of several modern features along with all the necessities has been ensured for the project. Even the group has emphasized to deliver a great deal of satisfaction to the buyers through its green living concept. For this, beautiful landscaped greens will be there to surround these apartments. Apart from this, the project will have different other residential communities in the neighborhood.

By opting for these apartments in Noida Extension, one can head for an uninterrupted life that everyone looks forward to. For this, the project has been planned to have Club, Gym, Swimming Pool and many other recreation facilities. The residents will also have access to the sports facilities and community features within the residential complex. The home seekers in Noida can get to explore all these facilities within an affordable budget. With such modern features and a modern infrastructure, it is worth to head for a deal that brings almost everything with it. The residents at Casa Greens 1 will not be required to compromise on anything, be it every day needs, security or any other thing. So, why not put the money into the right direction and make the best benefit with the same.

Radhey Krishna Techno Builders have even considered the connectivity in this new residential project brought to Noida Extension. This is justified with the strategic location of Casa Greens 1, which is a part of Noida Extension, the new realty hub. The project ensures excellent connectivity with the necessities like educational institutions, health facilities and commercial districts. The project is also located close to the NH-24 and the existing metro link is also a few km. away from Casa Greens 1.
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Mist Avenue Sector 143 Noida

With its development spree that is growing in leaps and bounds, Noida and Greater Noida are the next haven for the real estate sector. The following article is a perusal of the same with special reference to a particular project.
The real estate boom of Delhi/NCR continues to grow at a regular pace with great returns almost every year. Even during the real estate ebb, the NCR property market has shown immense resilience and the increasing investments are a proof of the same. With the realty boom in the satellite cities surrounding Delhi like Noida and Gurgaon, the entire area of the National Capital Region is experiencing an explosion. These areas have experienced a huge leap in the infrastructural development in the last two decades that has bolstered the economic growth of the city as a whole.
Noida, a district in Uttar Pradesh, is located a few kilometres away from Delhi has come up really well in the realty souk of north India. From a mere sluggish township, Noida emerged as the next-gen realty destination for builders, investors as well as end-users. The explosion of the realty market has been due to several reasons. One of the biggest driving forces happens to be the economic liberalization and the opening up of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by the Indian government. Gradually, the country saw the emergence of the Information Technology (IT) that was all set to redefine Indian economy for generations to come.
Considering the fast paced infrastructural development that is coming up all along Noida and Greater Noida Expressway, has coerced builders and investors to capitalize in real estate assets in these areas.
Going by the trends, it can be said that the investments returns pertaining to the same are bountiful. The six-lane Noida-Greater Noida Expressway that connects the 165 kilometers Yamuna Expressway looks forward to put the twin cities into the hotspots of the Indian realty market. The presence of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), hotels, residential and commercial complexes across the twin cities offer tremendous scope for growth in the real estate sectors.
There are 40 sectors along the expressway that has been divided into four zones under the Noida Master Plan 2021. It has been so planned only in order to ensure proper development and accommodate the multiplying populace. Already a hotspot for the realty market, the area across Greater Noida is lined up with some of the best residential projects
Sectors like 125, 143, 168 all have become major destination for real estate investments. Development is at a full swing in the real estate sector. These sectors, hitherto lying as simple vast acres of land, has now become hotspots for the real estate market.
Let us look at one of the world class commercial projects that are coming up across the area.

The project is titled as mist avenue sector 143 noida and it is being developed by the Bhasin group. The Mist Avenue is considered to be the top-notch commercial project that is coming across the Noida expressway. It is a state-of-the-art commercial asset that will encompass the best possible office addresses in Noida Expressway. Another best aspect of the same happens to be the project is that, till now, it is the cheapest commercial dotting the Greater Noida skyline. One of the most-awaited commercial projects in Noida, some of the features of the project are listed below:
Sprawling Green Areas at different floor levels
Independent lockable Scalable Units
Every Office Unit a window and Balcony
Low Maintenance Cost
Extremely affordable prices
Exciting mix of retails and good food chains
Ideal location and easily accessible
Individual air conditioning system
100% power back up
Luxurious club and lounge
With such facilities, Mist Avenue is one of the most promising commercial projects that are coming up in and around Greater Noida

Visit here new and know more about new project of Mist Avenue is Festival City Noida  and Mist Avenue Festival City Noida
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Mist Avenue - A Name That Pars Excellence

One of the most popular projects of Bhasin Group is Mist Avenue. It has a lot to offer in the kitty. The project constitutes of residential properties, commercial properties as well as retail outlets or shopping complex. The Bhasin group brings the project with the world class technology and facilities that makes the project all the more popular and versatile. The world class facilities like music fountains, gym, shopping complex, sports lounge, business lounge and much more are offered to the customers within the premise of the project called Mist Avenue. The Project is owned by the Bhasin Group, which has been a trusted name in the field of real estate for years now. The properties are its residential or commercial property or the world class shopping complex, have been ranked as one of the most preferable investment point. The reason why Mist Avenue is such a lucrative destination of investment is the return on investments. The returns which the customers get via us are higher as compared to any other project of any company. Especially the shopping complexes at Mist Avenue are targeted in such a way that ensures a high rate of return for the customers. The shopping complex offered at Mist Avenue is surrounded with the world class technology and security and is located at such a place that is meant to induce the sales and thus is expected to yield higher returns on the investment.

Mist Avenue is a name that has been a synonym for excellence and perfection. Mist Avenue is offering the residential and commercial properties at a price which is unbeatable and unmatchable. There are various companies in the real estate business who has undertaken various projects and offer similar properties to the customers. However the features that separate Mist Avenue from the other companies are the exclusive features and world class technology. The project is located in such surroundings that offer the clean and green environment. It is a perfect blend of technology and nature. The buyers, at one hand will feel the clean and green environment all around and on the other hand there is world class technology and advanced security features.

Our Business Towers are, certainly, high street commercial office spaces in Noida, which is imperative for any business and their increased profit margins. The prime location and ultra-modern facilities make it all for your company's growth, business and revenue generation. The plush office space is good for an emerging brand and indispensable for an established brand because an emerging brand can attract right set of talent and skills for their business operations along with the clients of national and international repute; whereas, an established brand bears the pressure to maintain its brand value, therefore an office with prime location and international class facilities become an important tool to meet this brand value objective.

Visit here latest projects of Mist Avenue Festival City | Festival City Noida
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Festival City Mist Avenue Noida Expressway

Come to Retail City- Festival City Noida Expressway! Bhasin Group is one of the prominent Groups in realty sector has unveiled Festival City on Noida Expressway in sector-143 B. It is located at Main Exit at Noida Expressway. The project offers great FNG connectivity and metro connectivity as it is located closer to FNG Expressway & proposed metro station.

Situated just 25 minutes away from CP- Connaught Place, New Delhi, and only 8 minutes away from Noida. It is a great option for retailers and businessmen as a 1200 acres township -JP Wish Town is located closer to the project. The project has around 25,000 families this factor gives brownie points to Festival City Noida in term of customer potential. It is an excellent investment opportunity for investors.

Number of mammoth Corporate Houses, Metro Station and JP Wish Town a 1200 acres township are located closer to the project. The project has got 3 Different Courtyards, 6 major golf courses and other amenities such as power back up, round the clock security laced with modern security gadgets such as CCTV, etcetera.

Let us look at the major highlights of the project- Festival City Mist Avenue:
Located at Main Exit at Noida Expressway- sector-143 B
Great Metro connectivity- Closer to Metro Station
Excellent connectivity to Noida Expressway
4 side open Project surrounded by serenity
Near ISBT, Metro Station & FNG Corridor
15 minutes away from more than 150 multinational companies (operational)
Located next to 25 lacs sq. ft. of office space that is spread over 25 floors
Closer to corporate houses - Approx. 20-25 corporate houses
Premium Educational institutes & Hospitals are in the close vicinity
Retail Shops across various beautifully designed courts-3 Different Courtyards
Festival Court -International Concept - Giant Carousel and Iconic Clock Tower
Entrance Court -Green & Beautified
Fountain Court- India's Largest Musical Fountain concept on the lines of Burj Khalifa & Bellagio in Las Vegas
6 major golf courses & JP Wish Town a 1200 acres township in the close vicinity
Minutes away from posh residential community

About the developer- Bhasin Group
Bhasin Group has been setting new benchmarks of architectural excellence in the real estate sector. It is a group with credible experience in real estate business. The organization has been successfully running under the pragmatic and dynamic leadership of its founder. Moreover, the professionals, engineers and other employees of the organization are also played a vital role in the success of the Group.
It focuses on cost effectiveness and better productivity. The developed has developed various projects with unmatched amenities. The Group has been through ups and downs but standing tall in all phases.

For more information about price list and payment plan please visit http://www.indiapropertyzone.com/mist-avenue/festival-city-noida
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Ajnara Le Garden Best for your living Space

Ajnara Le Garden is a residential project in Noida by Ajnara Group, a leading name in real estate market of India. This project offers many sizes of apartments with world class facilities and amenities. 2/3 BHK apartments are being offered in the project on the ideal sizes of 810 to 1500 sq ft in the price of 2965 per sq ft. these apartments are equipped with all types of basic facilities as well as modern and luxuries amenities. All the major and demand of modern aged people as swimming pool, sauna bath, spa, cafeterias etc have been provided. These apartments have been given beautiful look and greenery so everyone is going to spend life in the mixture of nature and modern technologies. Nature will provide good health and modern technology will provide great comfort and relaxation.

This is one of the most demanding locations in National Capital Region. One of its causes is its well connectivity links and transportation facilities which are available here and going to come here. NH24 and Yamuna Expressway are the connectivity links which connects this location to Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Agra. FNG Corridor is only 3 min drive from the location.  

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Samridhi Grand Avenue new launched in Noida

The people always want to live in the residence of their dreams and fancies. Many of the real estate developers are developing their residential project to fulfill this desire of the people. Real estate market has gained success in some sorts and these days’ demands and desires of the people are increasing and real estate developing companies are also fulfilling their desires. One of the real estate developing companies in India is Samridhi Group which has fulfilled the desires of thousands of the people and continuous its efforts in upcoming projects.

One of its recently launched residential projects is Samridhi Grand Avenue. This project is being developed on 7 acres of land and with 70% of green area. World best architectures have designed keeping vastu in their mind.  Amenities and facilities are world class and the design of the project is marvelous and vastu friendly. 2 and 3 BHK apartments are the offerings of this project in which anti skid ceramic tiles have been used. In the bedrooms and dining rooms vitrified tiles have been used and in one bedroom apartment wooden flooring have been used. Entire structure of the towers is earthquake resistant. High speed lifts and wide stair case with easy steps have been arranged.

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